Playing Conditions

Playing Conditions
Comp format decided was of one day (two innings) format with 2 x 20/20 matches played either side of the Xmas break. If game finishes before 3.30pm a 2nd innings must be taken (a maximum of 90 overs is to be played in a days play) No splitting of A grade and B grade comps- Technically 1 grade with B grade shield to be played for by the teams finishing 5th and 6th.

Association no longer paying for premiership caps/jackets etc

Comp to start on Saturday 9th October.

Predominately white clothing to be worn- Coloured clothing is not proper cricket attire nor is Footy shorts/board shorts/ footy jumpers etc- After the Xmas break players not wearing appropriate cricket attire will not be permitted to bowl or bat and will only be allowed to field behind square.

Association to purchase cricket balls on behalf of the clubs and fees to incorporate rego and cost of balls (24 balls and rego $1712) 12 balls before Xmas and 12 after.

Teams to nominate players available and willing to play rep cricket- Players must be available to play at home or away (Goulburn/Bega??) on these dates- 24.10.10 and 31.10.10- Rep cricket is in knock out format and nominated players must be aware that if Monaro does well the proceeding games are on 14.11.10, 05.12.10 (finals are on 28th and 29th December in Orange) Going on previous rep years making the 2nd round is certainly achievable and even the 3rd round if we played to our potential but after that we would certainly need a bit of luck to roll our way. The executive committee will select a captain and with the help of the captain select a rep team.

President’s speech to the general meeting of the Monaro District Cricket Association

Over the last six seasons of cricket in the Monaro I have seen some great things on the field and have heard some great ideas off the field, I have heard the stories about the glory days of Monaro cricket, I have seen and held the shields which highlight the history of the once strong and I am led to believe one of the strongest rural comps in NSW.Times have changed. Country people are a whole lot more time poor and with so many other leisure and recreation options available today- cricket and like many other sports in terms of playing numbers and standard’s has suffered and if we don’t draw a line in the sand Cricket in the Monaro may well die a slow death.

Cricket is a game of traditions, mateship and has a rich history, its Australia’s national sport and there have been certain teams and individuals that in the past few seasons have not shown enough respect to the game, the opposition and officials.

If we are to get Cricket back to somewhere near what it was in its heyday we need to re-build the game from the bottom and the foundations of the Monaro District Cricket Association is our juniors. The Monaro juniors have excelled in representing the Monaro in recent years.

Our comp has a lot of good blokes and there isn’t really a bad bloke in the cricket association, sure a few might be a little over competitive and there is always certain players we enjoy getting out more than others and there might be a little bit of chat in the middle which is nearly always forgotten over a cleansing refreshing ale at one of the sponsors establishments.

Monaro cricket needs more than just good blokes. Monaro juniors need good local cricket role models and to be a good cricket role model is firstly to look like a cricketer- Whites or creams are what we wear on a cricket field- footy jumpers and footy shorts or board shorts are not proper attire for cricketers. From Christmas if you are not wearing predominantly white then you won’t be bowling or batting and you will only be allowed to field behind square leg which is pretty much par for course in every cricket association in Australia. Col and Sue from Sportspower in Cooma have plenty of “cheap” whites available and will be having regular specials for cricketing goods- stay tuned for that. Secondly be on time for the start of play again it’s just a common courtesy and constant lateness is showing a lack of respect for the game and the opposition. Thirdly in being a good role model for our juniors we don’t need dissent in any form from players who think they coped a rough one- you know what- “it happens” and from here on in dissent won’t be tolerated on any level, over the top sledging and swearing is not welcome and while a bit of banter is a part of cricket let’s keep the silly stuff out and under no circumstances is a junior cricketer to be sledged or worse a junior cricketer to take part in sledging…

I am sure a few of you might think this is all a bit over the top- I can assure you there are parents of 14, 15 and 16 year old boys who are not at all thrilled about the idea of their sons playing cricket with or against certain teams and individuals and while these fears might not be warranted it’s all about perception. A team in full whites with no silly-ness going on out on the field it just looks a whole lot more appealing to an uncertain parent. 15 and 16 is a key age if you lose a player then the chance of getting them back is fairly slim.

I have pretty much finshed my “rant” for now and we have some new things planned for the association and quite a few things to vote on in regards to this year’s comp and hopefully we can build on these ideas and plans and get the Monaro Cricket Association back to what it once was.